What is ankh and why did egyptians wear it in the form of jewelry?

What is ankh and why did egyptians wear it in the form of jewelry?
 Egyptian jewelry has been adorning the living and the dead for centuries. Its treasured beauty comes in various forms and sizes, festooning the haves and have nots. In Egypt jewelry is for all, as they believe, ornaments in various forms protected them from different disease or mishaps. Egyptians used jewelry on infants to protect them from deadly illness and in the casket to promote rebirth. For Egyptians jewelry is not only a piece of finery, it is part of life. Jewelry was used to trace the path of history, depending upon the type of ingredients used in the ornaments one can tell the power of the Pharaoh who ruled the region.

Statement piece of art

An ornament is not used just for body decoration, it has more to it. It represents your culture, religious belief, power, status and personality. Statement pieces were common in the ancient times and it used to describe the person adorning it. Early jewelry was made with shells, beads, wood, stones and ropes, sometimes bones and skull too. With the discovery of precious metals and gems, cast jewelry came into being. The oldest jewelry in Egypt ranged between 110,000 and 73,000 BC, the prehistoric times.

The Ankh – Celebration of life

Ankh is the oldest form of jewelry found even before the Mesopotamian civilization. It is designed like a cross with a loop above it. No, it is not the Christian cross, it means life. It was added to the royal sarcophagi as it also depicted afterlife. It is researched that the symbol is a knot tied in cloth or reed and the lower cross part is the end of the knot. It also depicts the union of man and women. Mirror is another meaning as the mirror image looks exactly like the original.

What makes the Ankh piece popular is its unisex nature. It can embellish any form of jewelry; use it as a pendent, earring, ring or necklace. Its design flexibility has charmed the celebs like Katy Perry, Beyonce and others.

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