How We Work & Why

Ancient Egypt deserves to be presented as such

The world's most ancient and important civilization is at the core of our work. We get so much satisfaction doing this work and are honored to present it to you in its best possible form and in the glory it deserves.

Our Diamonds and Stones

The designer is Egyptian and the production is in Dubai. Under strict authorities all our stones are sourced both ethically and are of the highest quality. Every stone we work with is certified by the International Diamond Laboratories.

Why we work in 18 karat Gold

Most clients we come across didn't even ask the question of what karats we were using. But we knew. The resale value of 18Karat Gold is always much higher than anything less. 18 is also better to work with than 21 or say 24 as it is less malleable and wont break. We care about our clients' investments and will continue to do so.