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Rasha Mansour

The Magnificent Ptah Gold Pendant

The Magnificent Ptah Gold Pendant

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Even taking pictures and writing this post took quite a long time.

I started work on the God Ptah almost two months ago and after many ideas, sketches and molds I finally got him. I could not bring myself to put a hook on that glorious enameled and special head of his so I put him in a frame.

In Ancient Egyptian religion Ptah was the creator-god and maker of things, a patron all craftsmen including carpenters, potters, shipbuilders and the impressive Egyptian sculptors. The Greeks identified Ptah as the divine blacksmith.

Ptah is variously described as “the creator in heaven and earth, who has made all things, the lord of all that is and is not, the father of the sun god, lord of truth, father of the fathers of the gods, the king of both worlds, the god of light which shows everything in its true form, the ruler of the sky, the beautiful face, master of justice, master of ceremonies, lord of eternity and much more.

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