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Rasha Mansour

Aquamarine & Diamonds Lotus Earrings

Aquamarine & Diamonds Lotus Earrings

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Our stunning AA+ certified Aquamarine with Diamond Baguette Earrings.

1.5 cm in length.

Aquamarine and emerald are the same mineral. Both members of the beryl family, the only difference is that emerald gets its green color from chromium deposits.

Aquamarine is the Colorado state gemstone. Colorado has a rich mining history; aquamarine is mined on Mt. Antero, a 14,00-foot peak near Buena Vista in central Colorado.

Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words: "Aqua" meaning "water" and "marina" meaning water. It's no surprise people think of water when seeing this light blue stone.

Aquamarine is a stone of calm. In fact, people hold aquamarine while meditating to help create a calm state of mind.

Aquamarine is the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary. Because of its more neutral color, it works well in both women's and men's jewelry designs.

Aquamarine is connected to the throat (5th) chakra. In addition to creating serenity, it's believed that aquamarine may enhance communication skills.

Aquamarine is a talisman. In ancient times, sailors carried aquamarine with them to sea, believing it would prevent them from drowning.

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