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Rasha Mansour

Enamel Ankh Clasp Pendant

Enamel Ankh Clasp Pendant

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An elegant and fun Enamel Ankh Clasp pendant at 1.5 cm width and height.

The clasp mechanism gives it s playful twist, put it in any hoop of your bracelet or hoop necklace. 

The diamonds are stunning vs/si and they run around the bother, the clasp hoop and ofcourse the Ankh.

We preserve as much as possible in all our pieces the true dimensions of these magical symbols while portraying them in s modern light. We know the importance of dimensions in all these art forms and we respect them very much.

The Ankh’s most famous representation is that of creation and life. Its use was highly visible in the everyday lives of ancient Egyptians where the Ankh was integrated in artifacts like eartherware and hieroglyphics.

It’s said that the symbol was often used in accompanying positive wishes to a person and it’s no wonder the Ankh is also called the ‘key of life’ 

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